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Approved Recommendations

​Per the Illinois Early Learning Council Act (20 ILCS 3922/5):

The goal of the Council is to fulfill the vision of a statewide, high-quality, accessible, and comprehensive early learning system to benefit all young children whose parents choose it. The Council shall guide collaborative efforts to improve and expand upon existing early childhood programs and services.+

The recommendations below have been approved by the Early Learning Council.

Executive Committee

Racial Equity Priorities of the Illinois Early Learning Council - Developed and Approved on July 24, 2019

Illinois Early Learning Council Executive Committee Racial Equity Definition - Developed and Approved on July 12, 2018

Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Ad Hoc: Recommendations for the CCDF State Plan 2019-2021 - Submitted to DHS on May 17, 2018

Access Committee

Priority Populations (updated 2021)

All Families Served Subcommittee: Addition of Children who are Impacted by Parental Involvement in the Criminal Justice System to the Illinois Priority Populations List - February 1, 2021 (Full Recommendation Memo)

Early Childhood Construction Grant (ECCG) Program Ad Hoc: Recommendations to Strengthen the ECCG Program – Approved August 5, 2019

All Families Served Subcommittee: Recommendation on Priority Populations - Approved February 4, 2019

Family Engagement Implementation Subcommittee: Proposal for Family Advisory Committee (FAC) & FAC Proposal Executive Summary - Approved February 4, 2019

All Families Served Subcommittee and Inclusion Subcommittee (under the Integration and Alignment Committee): Early Learning Council Recommended Strategies for Addressing Inclusion in Child Care in CCDF Plans, Policies, and Procedures – November 15, 2017

Home Visiting Task Force

Sustainability Subcommittee: Medicaid Reimbursement for Doula and Home Visiting Services - Approved February 1, 2021

Home Visiting Task Force: State Home Visiting Vision and Priorities 2019 - Approved October 7, 2019

Integration and Alignment Committee

Data, Research, and Evaluation Subcommittee: Illinois Early Learning Council Research Agenda Priority Questions – Approved (with amendments) August 5, 2019

Mixed Delivery System Ad Hoc: Report and Recommendations: Ensuring Equitable Access to Funding for All Birth-to-Five Classroom-Based Early Childhood Programs - Approved April 1, 2019

Quality Committee

Quality Committee: Consensus Statement on Early Childhood Educator Compensation - Approved August 5, 2019

ExceleRate Subcommittee: Recommendations for Support of Site-Based Program Leaders - Approved April 1, 2019

Senate Bill 1829 Ad Hoc: Recommendations re: Senate Bill 1829 (see also Ad Hoc Guiding Principles and Request Letter from Senator Hutchinson) - Approved August 2017